Writing Prompt: Colors

Prompt: Describe a color without using the name of that color.

It’s the color that soars above you when the sun is out and the clouds are away.

It’s the color reflected by the sea on a fair day.

When the moon and the stars shine high in the sky, the color’s deepest hues are everywhere.

It’s sewn into a special dress with the old, the violet, and the new.

It’s the color of the cloth that wraps your newborn boy.

When he’s old enough to stand, it’s the color of the tie you’ve put around his neck.

When he’s grown taller than you, he chooses his own tie that happens to be the same color.

In his eyes, the color shimmers like the sky and glistens like the sea when you tell him, “I’m so proud of you.”

The color is not so welcome when you’re alone and it’s all you see.

It’s the color that hovers over you when isolation has wrung out the tears.

It tints every memory you have by reminding you of the empty nest.

But when the day is bright and fair again, he comes by with his own little one draped in a cloth the same color as the sky, and you welcome the sight of it as you do your guests—with a smile.


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