I Dreamed of Living Fairy Tales

I was small and young when I dreamed of living fairy tales.
I’d fly with dragons, sing with birds, run with lions;
I’d swing a wand and battle evil; I’d find my one true love;
I’d discover far-off lands, journey everywhere,
Then once all is done, go home to mom and dad.
In my nights, I’d dream this other life of mine;
In my days, I’d share with friends and we would laugh away.

I was young but only that when those dreams had fallen back.
I thought instead to drive down roads, see new towns,
And visit friends at a pace I called my own.
The thirst to discover stayed with me, as did the search for love,
But so did finding a home I could claim and run myself.
In my days, my friends and I would share “real” dreams.
In my nights, I’d dream of all my wishes coming true.

I was not quite young when the dreams had shed their light.
The price of success became constant vigil
To ensure the safety of home and growing family.
Days felt dull and drab; nights felt darker, longer;
And whence I met with friends, we talked of all things “real.”
We’d share some quiet laughter but few dreams,
Be they real or fairy tale; either felt old and used.

I was not so small or young when the little one was born.
Cry was all she did when I could count her age in months.
In a year, she rolled and crawled and walked;
In two and three, she talked and talked, ever more each day.
In four, she dreamed of going to far-off lands,
Flying with dragons, casting magic, singing with birds.
In day or night, her dreams would grow and grow.

I watched her, small and young, living out her dreams.
Fairy tales were all they were, as they had been for me.
You’re too old for this, so said my inner voice,
But then I saw at last I had not grown too old at all.
I just needed to find someone with whom to share those dreams,
Old dreams of fairy tales that felt so very real,
And to join me in laughing away the day like many years ago.

To watch her dream as I had done made me wonder some
Of how she’d fare in the years to come as she grew and aged.
To dream of real things was not so bad or too hard to reach.
To dream of real fears reaching you would always be a test.
But to dream of fairy tales, of dragons and magic and more,
Was also not so bad to keep fairly close at hand.
Real or no, they could be shared, and that was all that mattered.


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  1. Wonderful little piece, I must say. Reminds me of so many memories of youth. 😀

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