Site Announcement, 5 Jul. 2013

M.A.N.I suppose this blog wouldn’t live up to its name unless I occasionally threw something random out there. Like a site-related update, for example. Even if I haven’t actually made independent site announcements before this point.

First time for everything, right?

In any case, Ascent is complete. The last few chapters are just undergoing some proofreading in part because I wrote them as one huge piece. I decided after I finished writing that it’d be more digestible if it were split up, and it was big enough that I could divide it into three parts–hence the delay in even updating today. Because of this, the final chapters will all go up next week on Monday, Wednesday, and then the usual Friday. After that, updates will come weekly as per the norm. Unless I decide to update more frequently, of course. In the meantime, I’ve put together an index for all the other chapters, which you may find in the navigation links at the very top of the page.

As for what will come next, you’ll have to wait and see. Obviously, random one-shots will keep appearing, but I’m already cooking a new long-term project even in the midst of finishing another. I won’t say much about it now aside from two things: One, it’ll be a series of comics; and two, it’ll be light-hearted. The rest will make itself known in time.

To everyone who’s been following so far, thank you very much, and I hope you enjoy what’s to come.

‘Til next time


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