15 Observations I Made While Growing Up

-The blank space at the start of every project is a source of both frustration and inspiration.

-Flexibility and adaptability are key.

-There are a lot more nuances to those basic Do’s and Don’t’s we learned as kids than we thought back then.

-You can choose to acquire an “acquired taste” or not.

-Being angry all the time takes more energy than it’s worth.

-The mind takes the longest to mature.

-The only things that are really grape-flavored are grapes themselves.

-Learning proper grammar is tougher than it looks, but it’s not impossible.

-Cynicism, realism, and intellectualism often overlap but aren’t the same.

-You’re never prepared to make that final good-bye at that one particular moment.

-One of the great life-long battles is in finding that balance between your senses of pride and humility.

-There’s always a way out of a fix if you look, even if it takes a long time to find.

-You can choose to be one less bully in the world.

-Creative inspiration can come from anywhere, and mixing it up is lots of fun.

-A list like this made by someone else is likely to be different by either a small or large degree, and that’s a-okay.


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