Behind the Scenes: Lancer Quest


So, a history lesson about Lancer Quest.

I actually made the original strips of “A Classic Plot” way back in 2003… but back then, I didn’t have Photoshop or a tablet. I just had a scanner and a big CRT monitor that was either naturally dark, thus distorting my perception of the colors I was using, or I had it set to a level I didn’t realize was a little too dark. Needless to say, in the span of ten years, I upgraded my tech with a new monitor and other little things, and I acquired the aforementioned Photoshop and tablet. A part of me decided to revisit an old idea, and the result is the Lancer Quest strips you can view through this site’s archive. The images above show Archer the Elf and Sandy Witch chasing after Lancer the Knight in the original panel I drew and sloppily colored way back when, followed by the same panel remade much more recently.

What a difference ten years makes, huh?


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