They tell me, “This is who you are.
You are this; you are that;
You are that, not this.
You could not be any other thing.”

But I never feel the same.
What they say I am, I don’t feel I am.
I tell them so all the time,
But their answers stay the same.

They ask me, “Why do you think that?
How could you think it so?
Perhaps you’re just confused,
But don’t worry; you’ll see someday.”

I can’t tell them the truth.
They don’t agree with me.
Not even my body agrees
With what I think and feel inside.

Maybe they’re right,
And I am confused or crazy.
Maybe I’m the one who’s wrong
And I should let it be.

I try sometimes to follow their lead,
But it never feels quite right,
Like it doesn’t fit or doesn’t match.
It’s never the truth I know inside.

I tell them again, “This isn’t me.”
They tell me again, “No, of course it is.”
And so the song plays just like before.
Nothing changes. No one changes.

What can I do to show them
The me I see myself to be?
I hope someday to show them all
The me I know myself to be.


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