The End of War

Upon the field of battle stood the girl
Amid her friends in arms, who fell before
The man who led the forces they opposed.

The city ruins burned around them both.
Not once since crack of dawn and battle start
Did sounds of clashing forces fade away.

So there they stood apart, the girl and man,
Their hopes of peace and order scattered bare
Before the weight of fury fueled by wrath.

The girl alit her hands with flames of gold;
The man engulfed his hands with lightning sparks.
At once they moved, their final blows to come.

A crash of spells resounded through the sky.
The man cried out, hid his face, stumbled back.
The girl turned ‘round to spy a second strike.

But no, another blow did not arise.
The man had lost an eye and chose to flee.
The girl had not the will to fight again.

Her blinding rage now cooled, she left the field.
The scars of war abounded in her eyes,
The answers she had sought beyond her grasp.

She saved the lives of those who had survived,
Though sadly, few in number did they mount.
Their opposition bolted long before.

With that, the final battle ended there,
And civil war no longer plagued the land,
So all survivors built their lives anew.

But many wondered still what caused it all,
What made the queen of old fade out or die
And leave behind a people lost and hurt.

The girl lived out her days by keeping peace.
In time, she learned to laugh and smile again,
And soon, she had a daughter of her own.

But dreams of war would never leave her be.
So, too, her search for answers never stopped,
But always did she come up short of truth.

The years went on, and much would slip away.
Though people lived apart, they lived in calm,
The marks of war forever by their sides.


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