Lancer’s Words of Wisdom


On the longest and darkest nights, it’s hard to go on. Friends are hard to find, even if they’re close by. Oft times, we lose our way and find ourselves alone. Why look to the sky, when the clouds hide all light?

I’ve lost my way before, flailing this way and that. Up and down and all around, I’ve flown. Methinks I didn’t think far enough ahead. ‘Twould not be the first time, and neither the last.

Clumsy a knight I may be, I must press on. So says the thought that carries me so. ‘Twould not do to stay in place, or all alone. What I seek is there, and I need but look.

For in time, we learn our way through darkness. In time, the hands of friends come by. If I can shine a guiding light, then let it be so! If not me, then I follow the friend who does!

The longest, darkest nights stretch far and wide, but the world turns, and so dawn will come. When, I do not know, for the night hides even time. ‘Twould not do to stop and give up now.

Let us travel together, through all our troubles. When the slightest hint of light glimmers up ahead, to new horizons we shall go, my friends.

To new horizons, we shall go!


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