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Taking a Break

Nothing drastic here. I’m just going to take a break from the usual update¬†next week so I can unwind a bit. While I’m here, I’ll mention that I’m not sure how many chapters I’ll post of Untitled and Unfinished, but I’ll figure something out. Otherwise, the updates here will be random like usual.¬†Have a good …

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New Index: Lancer Quest

The Lancer Quest series has its own index page now! Check it out to see all the comics in one place! Any new comics of the series will be added there as well. As for when new comics may be added, I can’t say for certain right now. The only thing I’m sure of is …

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Site Announcement, 5 Jul. 2013

I suppose this blog wouldn’t live up to its name unless I occasionally threw something random out there. Like a site-related update, for example. Even if I haven’t actually made independent site announcements before this point. First time for everything, right? In any case, Ascent is complete. The last few chapters are just undergoing some …

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