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TV Junkie

Photo edit of a spontaneous idea. In case anyone’s wondering, no, the junkie hasn’t given me the remote back. Advertisements

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Work and Rest

I know I don’t speak too much as myself here, but as the name of this space is Random Short Stuff, I would say there’s a first time for everything and that anything goes.

Today, I’d like to talk about two things I’ve been feeling for the past week. The first is a feeling I describe as the creative rush. It’s that surge of energy that flows through you when you’re working on a project, and the continuous shots of giddiness that hit you while you watch the pieces you envisioned long ago finally taking physical shape.

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15 Observations I Made While Growing Up

-The blank space at the start of every project is a source of both frustration and inspiration. -Flexibility and adaptability are key. -There are a lot more nuances to those basic Do’s and Don’t’s we learned as kids than we thought back then. -You can choose to acquire an “acquired taste” or not. -Being angry …

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