An expression may give but a hint of what’s inside…

Fire texture from Wallpaper Cave.


Jade Decor

Something a bit less blue…

Blue Flowers

Almost looks like stationery…

The Well of Giants

Dark shapes flickered in and out, sliding along the walls and floor. The top of the pit had long since faded from view, and the way went deeper still. To where, I didn’t know. The hope of finding answers spurred my friends and I forward, and so farther on, we traveled…

Types of People

Plenty of overlap exists, of course. For example, your friends count as a mix of types A and C.

A Rough Sketch

Just a minor experiment with blending filters.

Love Birds

As sweet as it is literal.

Butterfly Bundle

Fly high, butterfly

Through the open sky

Sunny Day Flag

A flag for a sunny day.

May or may not be appropriate depending on whether it’s sunny where you are.

Writer vs. Writer’s Block 7

When you can’t tell if your opponent genuinely pities you or secretly mocks you.