TV Junkie

Photo edit of a spontaneous idea.

In case anyone’s wondering, no, the junkie hasn’t given me the remote back.



Art inspired by the Persona series.

Silver Bloom

A tile pattern from long ago, its meaning lost to time…

Alpha and Omega

All things come to me in time.
I know not when or how, but one day, you will come to me.
You need not hurry. I need not take you early.

You see me when leaves change color and fall from their trees.
You see me when buildings wither and break.
You see me when living creatures breathe one last time.

When the light of the last star fades from the universe,
Then and only then will I change. I will become my other self.
I will become birth, and all that was shall live again.

I was here long before you were born,
And so shall I remain long after you die
For I am the force that moves the cycle of life.

Happy Year of the Dog

Happy Year of the Dog!

This one brought a gift. What a sweet puppy.

Midwinter Thoughts

Though winter goes on,
Daylight grows each day.
So does hope spring back.

The Flight of Thought

Bonus points if it feels literal.

Belated New Year Party

So yeah, we had a lot of snow.

Happy (belated) New Year!

New Year’s Eve

“Sweet dreams, little one. When you wake up, you’ll be ready to take on the new day and the new year to come.”

Happy Holidays 2017

May the holidays bring good cheer and cozy memories.