Let us not forget
amid the terrible things we do
how we can also show mercy,
forgiveness, and love.


Let Love Fly

Let love fly
High in the sky
Let it spread far and wide

Waves in the Moon

A reflection of the sea and sky…

Butterfly Dream

The butterfly descended upon the flowers,
where it rested from a long, long journey.
Healing, renewing, awakening,
the butterfly ascended, reborn.

Where I Rest

Field of blue,
Cascades of white;
Soft and true,
So very bright,
So warm when light
Pours through the glass.
The docile sheep
Rest on the field
And I rest on
A fluffy cloud.
All in all,
Very cozy
Where I rest.

Red Rose

Red bloomed in her vision
And she fell farther
Farther still

Defeat by Sneeze

When you sneeze so hard, it hurts.

Also, henceforth, the wild scrawl in the word balloon shall be known as a mood scribble.

TV Junkie

Photo edit of a spontaneous idea.

In case anyone’s wondering, no, the junkie hasn’t given me the remote back.


Art inspired by the Persona series.

Silver Bloom

A tile pattern from long ago, its meaning lost to time…