A Faint Echo

A reminder of beautiful things in a time of loss.


Progress: The Well of Giants

It’s amazing what a simple foundation can lead to.

For a full view of the finished image, see this post.

A Ghost?

To find out, poke the subject.

  • If the subject squeaks, then we have a person.
  • If the subject haunts your dreams, then we have a ghost.

Note from M.A.N.: I do not recommend you poke a ghost.

Ice Tiles

An empty floor in a castle ‘lone and frozen…

Happy Eclipse

In celebration of the event earlier this week. Also, puns.


An expression may give but a hint of what’s inside…

Fire texture from Wallpaper Cave.

Jade Decor

Something a bit less blue…

Blue Flowers

Almost looks like stationery…

The Well of Giants

Dark shapes flickered in and out, sliding along the walls and floor. The top of the pit had long since faded from view, and the way went deeper still. To where, I didn’t know. The hope of finding answers spurred my friends and I forward, and so farther on, we traveled…

Types of People

Plenty of overlap exists, of course. For example, your friends count as a mix of types A and C.